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Ganghestar ehf. is a multiple horse station. We offer all kinds of services for fans of the Icelandic horse such as buying, selling, teaching, breaking in young horses, and training breeding and competition horses. Sigurđur Vignir Matthíasson and Edda Rún Ragnarsdóttir, both well known riders in Iceland and abroad, are the owners of the company.

Siggi and Edda have been running Ganghestar since 2001, but they have both worked alot longer with horses. Edda worked with the riding school in Fákur from 1993 and has had training horses as her work since 1999. Siggi has had training as his main work since 1993 and also been selling and exporting horses since then. For many years they also had a riding school Reíđskóli Reykjavíkur but they sold him in May 2010.

Ganghestar ehf. has its base in Faxaból 3, Reykjavik, which is in the area of Fákur the largest riding club in Iceland. They have their operation there the whole year around. Siggi and Edda Rún are the main employees of Ganghestar.





SIGURĐUR VIGNIR MATTHÍASSON is a member of Félag tamningamanna and has a trainers degree. He was born into a family that loved horses and had much to do about them and therefore he started riding very young. It was obvious early that he would become a great rider. He started compeeting young where he had great support from his parents. He was only 10 years old when he competed on Dagfari frá Sogni, fivegaiter after Náttfari. Siggi won many achievements on him and people early noticed how great this little boy was with Dagfari.

When Siggi was 15 years old he came to Fjórđungsmót 1991 in Gaddstađaflatir on his own mare, Venus frá Skarđi. He rode her in the breeding part of the Fjórđungsmót and she got 8,73 for riding ability which was among the highest score for mares at that time. Two years later he earned his place in the national team for WM 1993 in the Netherlands, again on his own horse, Ţráinn frá Gunnarsholti. Siggi made it to A-finals both in tölt and fourgait on WM which was great for a rider his age.

At the WM1995 Siggi won his first World Champion title and one was not enough for him but he won two. One in fivegait and the other one was in combinaton. Then he was riding Huginn frá Kjartansstöđum owned by him. Siggi was only 19 years old at that moment and is the second younges rider to get this achievement in Europe or World Championship. The same year Siggi was choosen the Rider of the Year in Iceland.

Every day since that Siggi has been among the best riders on Icelandic horses. He won B-flokkur at Landsmót 2002 in Vindheimamelar riding Kjarkur frá Egilsstađabć, World Champion in fivegait 2003 in Denmark riding Fálki frá Sauđárkrókur. At Landsmót 2006 in Vindheimamelar he rode Hvíta-Sunna frá Sauđárkróki the highest mare in the group of mares 7 years old and over. Those are just few of his achievements.


EDDA RÚN RAGNARSDÓTTIR also comes from a great riders family and has been riding since she remembers herself. Her father is the well known rider Ragnar Hinriksson and her grandfather Hinrik Ragnarsson was very well known when he was alive. Edda Rún has been doing very well in competition and is one of few famous women riders in Iceland. In Landsmót 1986 at Gaddstađaflatir she won barnaflokkur on Silfri frá Sólheimum. In Landsmót 1990 she won unglingaflokkur on Sörli frá Norđtunga with a total score of 9,04.

Edda Rún has also done great achivements in gćđingakeppni and has won many Icelandic championship titles in barnaflokkur, unglingaflokkur and adults. Among them are Icelandic champion 2005 in fourgait riding Reynir frá Hólshúsum and Icelandic Champion in fourgait 2007 riding Vćnting frá Ketilsstöđum. It is fresh in the memory of many Icelanders when Edda rode Arna frá Varmadal in A-flokkur and fivegait. It was incredible to see them together in pace. Edda Rún is a student from Fjölbrautaskólinn í Breiđholti.


CHILDREN: Siggi and Edda Rún have to boys, Bjarki Ragnar Sturlaugsson, 12 years old, and Matthías 3 years old. Bjarki loves football but has started to ride a bit too. Even though Matthías is not older than three he has gone 100m pace in 7,90 seconds i.e. when he was still in mother´s abdomen. If riding runs in families these two young riders have great lives ahead.


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