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Great news

Yesterday we got the great news that "Siggi´s mistress" Verona frá Árbć was confirmed with a 23 days old foal after Máttur frá Leirubakka.

It can be said that this is a triple pleasure for us because Verona means a lot to us after having trained her for three years, Máttur frá Leirubakka is owned by us and the foal is ours.

Verona is born in 2004, with a total score of 8,32. She is after Aron frá Strandarhöfđi and Vigdís frá Feti. Verona is owned by our good friend and our photograper Maríanna Gunnarsdóttir, some times called "grandma Marra" in our home. Máttur is after Keilir frá Miđsitja and Hrafnkatla L52 frá Leirubakka. So it can be said that we and Maríanna carry a lot of feelings for this foal because we own Keilir now and her family owned him before us.

The attached pictures are taken when the foal was made but Verona and Máttur only needed one time together. She seems to be very pollen because she also only needed one time with Arnoddur frá Auđsholtshjáleiga last year. As said before the foal with her is after Arnoddur frá Auđsholtshjáleiga and her name is Ţórdís frá Árbć. | Siggi Matt & Edda Rún | Vesturási 24 | 110 Reykjavík | Sími: 777 8002 & 897 1713 |