Ganghestar - News

New homepage in the air

This fall we have been workin on our new homepage. The work has been going well and ve are proud to present the outcome.

At the page which is both in english and icelandic you can find information about us and our services. There is information about a lot of horses for sale we have, some of them have videos but further videos will be put in within next few days. You can also see information about our breeding and about the competition horses we have for next season.

In our collection of pictures you can find pictures of us at various steps in our life both in competition and among family and friends.

Of course we also have news about what is happening by us and there is plenty to tell you about after the summer. We will be putting more news into the page for the next days and weeks.

We would like to use the opportunity to thank our friends Maríanna Gunnarsdóttir and Ketill Björnsson for tyeir assistance with the homepage. | Siggi Matt & Edda Rún | Vesturási 24 | 110 Reykjavík | Sími: 777 8002 & 897 1713 |