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Open house at Landsmót

During Landsmót in Reykjavík we will have an open house in our stable. Landsmót will start tomorrow and ends next weekend on Sunday. Our stable is positioned in Fákur, just across the breeding track so please come and visit us while you have brake in your schedule.

There will be a lot happening in the stables with us next week as we have 20 horses at Landsmót, 10 in breeding and 10 in A-flokkur, B-flokkur and pace. So if you can not find us in our stable we will propably be somewhere nearby.

The attached photo is of the stallion Máttur frá Leirubakka which is going to participate in A-flokkur on Tuesday. | Siggi Matt & Edda Rún | Vesturási 24 | 110 Reykjavík | Sími: 777 8002 & 897 1713 |