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Teun - Friend of Iceland no 1

For the last few weeks there has been a lot of coming and going of guests in our stable and home. Our friend Teun Peersman is staying with us now. Teun or Dundi as we call him is from Belgium and has been coming to Iceland once a year since he was 12 years old.

Siggi and his brother Davíđ met Dundi for the first time in Germany 1992 and they have been best friends since then. He speeks fluent Icelandic and it is in order to say that he is friend of Iceland number 1.

The attached picture is of Dundi and Völur frá Árbć, a great Keilissonur owned by Raggi and Helga Edda´s parents. | Siggi Matt & Edda Rún | Vesturási 24 | 110 Reykjavík | Sími: 777 8002 & 897 1713 |