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Three 10,0

It´s not every day a rider gets 10,0 in sport competition here in Iceland. That happened last weekend at The Gullmót and qualification for WM in Berlín. Siggi and Andri frá Vatnsleysu were competing in Tölt at the Gullmót and they got three 10,0 and two 9,5 for fast tempo tölt in the finals.

After the preliminary round they were in the lead with a total score of 8,40 and became second in the finals with a total score of 8,61. We are very proud of these results in a very strong tölt competition.

Now Andri has "vacation" and he is taking care of mares at Hestheimar this summer. Andri is after Kolfinnur frá Kjarnholtum I (8,45) and Alísa frá Vatnsleysu (8,18). He has a total score of 8,38. 8,17 (7,5-8,0-8,5-9,0-8,0-8,5-8,0-6,5) for conformation and 8,51 for riding ability (9,0-8,0-8,5-8,0-8,0-9,0-8,5).

The attached photos our friend Maríanna took of Andri and Siggi in the preliminary round. | Siggi Matt & Edda Rún | Vesturási 24 | 110 Reykjavík | Sími: 777 8002 & 897 1713 |